SHOES: The Perfect Gift For Any Woman

Shoes really are a woman’s best friend, so when it comes to special occasions, what better gift could there possibly be? It goes without saying that everyone has their own individual style when it comes to fashion and footwear choices. That said, there are a few styles of shoe that should feature in every woman’s […]

How to Find Truly Inspired Gifts for Pregnant Women

There’s already 2-year-old boy running around my house, and I’ve got a daughter well on the way — and now my wife’s birthday is coming up, so I’m looking at gifts for pregnant women from a whole new perspective. The first time she was pregnant for her birthday, she was literally days away from having […]

Why Birthday Gifts for Women Can Be Difficult To Find

There are just so many kinds of women out there that claiming to be able to help anyone find birthday gifts for women is like saying you can help someone find the right kind of breakfast. Sure, we can all choke down some all-night diner’s skillet meals, but you know what you really want is […]

50th Birthday Gifts for Women: The Semicentennial Epiphany

Buying 50th birthday gifts for women is a process that can require an extraordinary amount of delicacy. There’s a change that comes over women of a certain age — and I’m not talking about menopause. It’s more about sociopathy — not in the criminal sense, but sometime around 50, many women have an epiphany. In the […]

How To Look For Unusual Gifts for Women

Unusual gifts for women are out there — no, not out there like ‘really out there, man!’, but out there in the way that The Truth Is Out There. As in, you can find them fairly easily if you know where to look — and more importantly, how to look. Let’s be honest, all women […]

Unique Gifts for Women

No matter if you’re a son, a husband, or a suitor — finding unique gifts for women can be a taxing experience (and not just sales tax, either.) It’s easy to get overwhelmed by what gurus call ‘analysis paralysis’ — the process of thinking something through so much that you never get around to making […]